• MORE COMFORT, LESS CONSTRICTION – The Pullover and Bibjohn are not attached. This eliminates the torso-rubber-stretch that causes shoulder restriction. Remember that fatigue you feel swimming in traditional one-piece wetsuits? Gone with the T1 (click for the
T1 FAQ).

• CORRECTS YOUR SWIMMING POSITION – The T1 Wetsuit was the first wetsuit to put you in the “swimming downhill” position. You'll hear of this concept from other wetsuit companies—they learned it from us.

• The T1 Wetsuit is the fastest on the market. All models are made with Yamamoto SCS™ Super Composite Skin, so all are very fast to remove.

• TWO-PIECE DESIGN – The Pullover (top) and Bibjohn (bottom) are sold as separates so you can customize your fit according to what sizes fit you best.

• LOW NECKLINE – Because the neck is not broken a zipper, the neckline can be low. It is easier to turn your head to breathe and to raise your head to look forward. This also greatly reduces the instances of chafing.

• MORE WETSUIT FOR LESS MONEY – We designed the T1 to be the most comfortable and fastest possible wetsuit, and we have offered it at a price that is lower than other high-end wetsuits.

• ZIPPER OPTIONAL – New for this year is having the choice of your T1 with or without a zipper.

• APPROVED BY ITU AND USAT – All our wetsuits are approved by the International Triathlon Union and U.S.A. Triathlon (click for the
T1 FAQ).

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